Natural Bath Soaks – NOURISH with peppermint & shea butter


Empowered with Peppermint essential oil, Matcha tea, Shea butter and oats, this bath soak will help you with redness and irritating skin, smoothing and deeply nourishing your body.
Nourish Natural Bath Soak Line is made of beneficial mineral salts, organic dried flowers, natural healing herbs and natural essential oils, specifically mixed and formulated together for different purposes.
INGREDIENTS : Epsom salt, magnesium chloride flakes, sodium chloride, kraftlii soap flakes, organic japanese matcha tea powder, organic calendula dried flowers, sodium bicarbonate, organic unrefined shea butter, organic dried oats, wild crafted mistletoe herb, dried parsley leaves, peppermint essential oil.
HOW TO: Pour 4 scoops of salts in the cotton bag – Infuse the bag in the water – No need to clean your tub after.

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