Mistic Perfume Diffuser


Aromatis – Atelier Delle Essenze
Olfactory sensations are received from the mind and affect the mood states. This perfume for home and workplace spreads in the air by osmosis through the sticks, giving serenity and well-being.
The smells of nature help to manage the emotions. Choose yours from these seven different fragrances.
Holy Stake promotes meditation. The wood is obtained from Holy Stake, a plant native to Central and Southern America.
Bergamot is useful against stress and depression. Bergamot essential oil is obtained from Citrus Bergamia.
Cinnamon & Orange, cinnamon is invigorating for the mind, sweet orange calms nervous tension, anxiety and stress.
Patchouli acts on the nervous system by reducing anxiety and tension. it stimulates and tones the mind and helps concentration.
Lavender exerts a rebalancing action on the central nervous system, calms anxiety, agitation, nervousness.
Scots Pine has balsamic and antiseptic action and is used in case of cough, sore throat and cold.
Zagara & Jasmine, orange blossom is the flower of citrus fruits and Jasmin is aphrodisiac and stimulates the erotic fantasy.

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