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Our project bases its roots in the Carpi textile district, remaining loyal to Our most authentic tradition and to the real Italian style, that is an expression of elegance and reliability.


The clean rational lines of the luxurious Wanda Mode headquarters were designed in the ‘90s, making it a modern building that to this day perfectly reflects the company’s personality.


Bertelli srl exists since more than twenty years in the textile field, producing and distributing its brand CRISTINAEFFE on the domestic as well as on the export markets such as Russia, Hong Kong, China, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland and so on.


Passion and creativity: the company was founded in 1986 in Carpi, in the heart of one of the most important fashion districts. Over time, the brand, has succeeded in drawing the attention of the general public thanks to its perfect combination of quality and price.


Our values? Femininity, quality, sophistication, and innovation. Kartika is distributed by Lusi srl which was founded by a many years of experience in the field of packaging young woman. The production is entirely “Made in Italy”.


The Monica Magni collection was founded in 1996 from the experience of stylistic excellence of the Venere Fashion which, since 1970, works in the production of women’s clothing. The brand Monica Magni has been specially designed for a dynamic and sophisticated woman.


Katia Giannini has the best Italian tailoring tradition in its DNA. The philosophy of the brand is based on two pillars: creativity and Made in Italy quality that, once mixed, give life to the brand’s strong personality.


Launched back in 2010 by Lorenza Bini, an Italian art historian who has settled in Melbourne with her family, Bini Gallery showcases an exquisite selection of unique, handcrafted jewellery from both local and international jewellers.

“The difference between style and fashion is quality”

~ Giorgio Armani ~