About - Donnaluna
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…Italian Style, Italian Quality…

DonnaLuna is a celebration of a family passion for beauty and elegance. Since generations the family of Giorgia Ruscelli, the owner/manager of DonnaLuna, has been involved in fashion. This is not unusual, considering that they are from a medieval town, Correggio, which is located in the middle of the most important fashion manufacturing district in Italy. In fact, her great grandmother was a dressmaker, her grandmother a fashion designer, and her mother an entrepreneur in fashion retail.


As it often happens with strong headed children, Giorgia at first chose a different path. She studied as a civil engineer, then did a MBA and worked for years in the finance sector. But passion is more powerful than the corporate world: she fell in love with Claudio, an Italian entrepreneur living in Sydney, and together with their lovely toddler Edoardo they settled in Balmoral Beach. It is when you move halfway across the world that you rediscover your roots. So Giorgia decided to go back into the family business (after all she always had a passion for fashion) and decided to open DonnaLuna, named after her own mum’s fashion boutique in Correggio, which has been trading since 1984.


All fashion items are chosen personally by Giorgia (with just a little help from her mum). They represent the authentic “Made in Italy”: each piece was designed and manufactured in Italy by expert craftspeople. They convey a unique characteristic of the distinctive Italian style of dressing, the sprezzatura: a nonchalant elegance, to appear classy without showing any effort or swagger.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live”

~ Gianni Versace ~